Warmly celebrate Headsun's "Busbar and Cable System" won the industry's top ten outstanding brand awards


On December 20, 2019, sponsored by China Construction Technology Group Co., Ltd., Asia-Pacific Construction Technology Information Research Institute Co., Ltd.,《Intelligent Building Electrical Technology》magazine, China Survey and Design Association Building Electrical Engineering Design Branch, China Building Energy Conservation Association Building The "Eighth 'Influencing China' Intelligent Building Electrical Industry Excellent Brand" selection event guided by the Electrical and Intelligent Energy Conservation Professional Committee held an award ceremony in Beijing.At the same time, the list of winners of the top ten outstanding brands "Busbar and Cable System" was announced.





    Shenzhen Headsun Technology Co., Ltd. has won the title of “Busbar & cable system” by virtue of its star product Rail Precision Busbar System.

   This is highly consistent with the company mission of "energy management experts, making energy smarter and safer" insisted by HEADSUN, and it is another professional certification obtained by the Rail Precision Busbar System.